It's never a job, if you love what you do!

When I was young, I believed skincare was a luxury. I suffered with acne, scarring, and low self esteem from my troubled skin.  As I grew older, and realized the importance of healthy living and taking care of the only skin we are giving, I gained a passion for Esthetics.  The funny thing, I started backwards.  Owning a spa first, with no license to practice my passion, I watched the therapists provide services that not only took care of the clients concerns, but also watched the joy, confident boosting, love that they surrounded the client with each day.  From that point, I vowed to myself that I will spend the rest of my career as a self-employed licensed Esthetician. Being self employed, I am able to provide the time, service and dedication to my clients, to educate them that Skincare is NOT a luxury, but a lifestyle.  I provide each client with the treatment and time they need, to listen and treat their concerns and skin issues. My home is an Oasis, where you can feel comfortable, with no judgment, no pressure and no extra financial surprises. I can't wait to meet you and your BEAUTIFUL BELLA SKIN!