Peel treatments. What is a peel and how does it benefit the skin? A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that grows back is smoother, healthier and free of dead skin cells that cause dryness, lines, and dull skin.

benefits to a peel treatment can help minimize wrinkles, dullness, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. It may also help skin disorders like acne and rosacea.

There is some temporary downtime to a peel process which includes gentle cleansing, avoiding the sun and heat of the rays to allow the skin to heal in the process.

here is a picture of a peel treatment done on dry, acne prone, scarring skin after the second day after treatment. As you can see, the fresh or lighter, brighter skin is already starting to form underneath as the dead cells ”peel” away.

Best results is to add a microdermabrasion prior to the peel process, followed with Light therapy to restore the skin faster.

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